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"Life is Too Short to Live in Pain” 



Ginger Castle LMT, CKTP, CNRT-M graduated from Seattle School of Massage in 1992 and discovered her calling, aiding the healing process. She soon learned that her passions lie not only in injury rehabilitation, but also in teaching, and she thrives in a classroom environment.  


For over 25 years, she has maintained a private practice working with a wide range of clients. Clients injured in car accidents, 

pro-athletes, elderly, clients with chronic illness or clients in need of rehabilitation. She has worked in many different environments, collaborating with medical doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors, to become a pain management specialist.


Completing additional coursework on Massage Instruction from Seattle School of Massage, Ginger started her teaching career as an instructor and program director for the Licensed Massage Therapist program at Renton Technical College (RTC) in Washington State. Ginger wrote and implemented the Washington State Massage board approved 1080-hour curriculum. 


During her tenure at RTC, Ginger was nominated to participate in the Clinician’s Workgroup – “Integration of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CWIC)” to represent the RTC Massage Program and the massage community. She also represented RTC on a nation-wide workgroup – “Skill Standards for Professional/Technical College Instructors and Customized Trainers.” Ginger continued her instruction certifications gaining her 5 year vocational certification and became an instructor for the Red Cross –HIV/AIDS


After her relocating to Tucson Arizona, Ginger maintained her private practice while teaching at the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts School of Massage, Cortiva School of Massage and currently ASIS School of Massage.


In 2013, Ginger wrote and published “Massage Notes: A Pocket Guide to Treatments and Assessments” (F.A Davis publishing company). By using her vast experience in curriculum development and teaching experience; she has also written and taught eight Continuing Education courses in Arizona and California, covering topics such as: 

    •Shoulder injury and treatment, 

    •Low back pain and treatment,

    •Cervical injuries and treatment,

    •Temporomandibular dysfunction , 

    •Integration of muscle energy techniques, 


    •Guidelines for massage treatment


Ginger Castle has been trained and certified in many different modalities, but nothing in her 25 years of practice has she seen and experienced matches the rapid results of Neural Reset Therapy®. Ginger is very excited to share Neural Reset Therapy® with you! 

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